The Enhanced Healing Yoga Story


Our Story


Enhanced Healing Yoga grew from the desire of two long-time friends, Vanessa Van Dyne and Anamargret Sanchez, to serve by providing people access to the richness of the yoga tradition.  Anamargret and Vanessa have traveled the world together pursuing the study of yoga.  In 2016, the two friends founded Enhanced Healing Yoga as a way to combine their talents and have a greater impact on people's lives. 

The studio's offerings have grown to include posture-based yoga classes, instruction in meditation, and other tools for personal empowerment and self-transformation. EHY is grounded in the living lineage of the Sri Vidya Tantric tradition, and offers a range of master classes, workshops, and more extensive trainings to transmit this knowledge in a conscientious way. While some yoga studios can feel like a high-stress commercialized machine, at EHY you will always encounter caring, professional teachers dedicated to helping you grow in your individual practice.  

You will enjoy friendship and community at Enhanced Healing Yoga.