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Restorative, Yoga Nidra

Mo first discovered yoga through Anamargret’s free community class as part of her quest to remain happy and limber in an aging body.  But it was when she signed on to an Enhanced Healing retreat and began to attend studio classes on a regular basis that she realized all that yoga has to offer.  She decided to take her 200HR Teacher Training at EHY to “deepen her understanding,” a happy decision which transformed yoga from a class she took regularly to a more meaningful and coherent way of being in the world.


Mo is full-time multimedia teacher at DASH, a Miami public high school, so initially she had little (or no) intention of adding more teaching to her schedule! That changed as she focused on the benefits of a slow restorative yoga practice.


Things started to fall into place for Mo when Fred Tan, one of EHY’s meditation teachers, explained that the yoga movements were not the end goal but part of the preparation for meditation.  In her classes, Mo combines the quiet calm of meditation, accessible, longer held restorative poses, and the idea of accepting and working with the body you have and all its quirks.  Having realized that this kind of practice was refreshing for her, she seeks to share the restorative dimension of yoga with others looking to find a deep sense of relaxation and ease within themselves.


Being a Brit who started her teenage Friday night’s watching live filmed rock bands (in the era of the Stones and the Beatles) on the TV show “Ready, Steady Go, the weekend begins here” Mo has named her Friday class Ready Steady Slow. For Mo, there’s no better way to start your weekend than by letting go of the work week’s tensions and giving yourself some time to let your body and mind ease into relaxation. She invites you to join her in this simple pursuit of happiness!

(And btw, Mo still loves Grace Jones and Prince, but has moved on to much more tranquil background music for her class ;-)

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