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Suzen G began her exploration of the mind-body continuum when she was 16 and hasn’t stopped since. Her drive to engage with life at a deeper level has been nurtured through traditional education, ancient practices and sometimes irritated by challenges.

Suzen has a particular love for the transformative qualities of meditation and pranayama. In her classes, Suzen prepares the body for meditation by enhancing its capability as a conduit for prana, the vital life force and aligns the body’s subtle energies in preparation to explore our inner sound of silence. All of her inspiration derives from that subtle knowing that drives a deepening experience in our lives.

In 2010, after completing a Master’s degree in the psychology of mind-body wellness at The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, Suzen received her 200-hour yoga certification in the Tantra tradition, guided by AnaMargret Sanchez. At ITP she studied the application of wisdom principles and earned additional certifications in shamanic counseling and soul retrieval. Suzen continues to train with internationally respected leaders like Gary Kraftsow, Rod Stryker, Luke Ketterhagen, Marc David, Sandra Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Dr.John Douillard and our beloved Anamargret Sanchez. Through their expertise, she has earned additional certifications in yoga for depression, tantric yoga, psychology of eating, Ayurvedic science and gut health along with shamanic intelligence, NLP, and quantum physics.


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