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All Levels/Sivananda


In the early 2000's Carlos Peña explored yoga as a holistic approach for dealing with back issues, not knowing the spiritual connection he would soon find.
In 2017 he pursued his Teachers Training at URenergy Yoga (Miami) after an eye-opening Yoga retreat in Sayulita (Mexico).
A Sivananda portion of the program deeply resonated with him right away. With emphasis on purifying mind and spirit, Carlos found in Sivananda a spiritual path, which in his view, is often overlooked in the practice of Yoga. He naturally adopted it as his daily practice and approach to teaching.
Carlos joined our roster in September 2018 and has been teaching classes and workshops since. Additionally, he teaches Yoga and Meditation both privately and at several locations in the Miami and South Beach area. Carlos also created a program of free community classes at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex.
His mission as a teacher is to share the spirituality and wisdom of yoga to improve one’s life.